Who We Are

Main Plaza Conservancy is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, committed to providing San Antonio with the historical and cultural “Heart of the City”. Main Plaza Conservancy has developed its place on the San Antonio cultural map with its diverse music and family programming and continues creating new cultural traditions. All events are offered free and open to the public. Main Plaza has evolved into an outdoor cultural venue where our city’s past influences our present experience of urbanism and community expression. It’s a “Great Public Space” rich in San Antonio’s heritage: where city and county converge onto our spiritual center. Locals have made Main Plaza a destination.

Charged to create a community atmosphere that attracts local residents and visitors through authentic programming that reflects the San Antonio identity, Main Plaza takes this vision further to create a “People’s Plaza” that is family-friendly and accessible to all ages and all economic sectors. Main Plaza continues to build upon new traditions. Visitors discover Main Plaza’s historical significance as the birthplace of San Antonio and the site of some of the City’s greatest landmarks and community assets. Main Plaza is poised to be the cultural Corazón of the city – a place where San Antonio comes to encounter life and family. Continuing to break breathtaking ground, Main Plaza provides high quality entertainment, accessible arts and culture and has become the model for other public spaces.
  • Staff

  • Molly Hall-Villarreal  Executive Director

    Eloise Cortez-Lara  Development Director

    Lisa Cortez Walden, Ph.D.  Program Manager

  • Board of Directors

  • Steve Graham | Board Chair

    Jim Heck | Vice Chair

    Kitty Berlanga | Treasurer

    Lorie Campos

    Roland Cavazos

    Kim Jefferies

    Stacy Jones

    Cathey Meyer

    Daniel Mezza


    Barry Middleman

    William Scanlan, Jr.

    Patrick Shearer

    Natalie Smith

    Father Carlos Velázquez