Main Plaza Conservancy continually recruits volunteers for events, activities, and special projects. In our volunteers, an ecosystem of passionate professionalism is developed. It is important to MPC that we incorporate, at all levels, individuals that are driven. Volunteers are chosen carefully and treated with the upmost respect, as MPC recognizes the great contribution of free time given to the organization.

Internship Program

Main Plaza Conservancy recruits interns for its Programming and Events department, as well as its Administrative and Business Management department. Our internship program would include exposure to many functions of our business, including daily operations, management of events and activities, and research.

Our internship goals are to present exposure, growth and an enjoyable learning experience while providing an opportunity for the candidate to make a difference.

Main Plaza's events are not just to provide a venue for local arts; a key directive is to provide activities that truly enrich the "people" through educational programs and activities, and entertainment for children and adults.

Candidates: High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students.


Main Plaza Conservancy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is currently funded in part by the City of San Antonio. Therefore, Main Plaza's daily activities and entertainment are funded through gifts, donations, and sponsorships.

Please support the Conservancy's efforts of providing San Antonio and its visitors with the cultural and historical “Heart Of The City” by making a tax-deductible donation. As well, we have several levels of sponsorship opportunities for all our programs and events. Or, become a friend on Main Plaza and pledge a yearly amount!

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us using the form below.