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Carefully constructed between Bexar County Courthouse and Main Plaza, the American Ninja Warrior playground is systematically being set up for the battles on Sunday and Monday nights where filming will take place for the upcoming television season.  San Antonio will be the backdrop of this exciting series where only those who are fit, up to the challenge and qualify are able to compete.

This weeklong construction project is engaging to watch.  Like a giant erector kit, piece by piece, it is going up.  It's pretty impressive and to think that it takes a week to do.   So, if you are in town and miss San Antonio|The Saga projection on Main Plaza since it's been cancelled for this event, enjoy all that goes with the excitement of the American Ninja Warrior and plan to stay in town and view this international award winning video/art projection on Tuesday evening, March 28th at 9p, 9:30p and 10p.  All free and open to the public on beautiful, historic Main Plaza! 

To say that it's massive is so true.  Spanning a block long section of the street, the American Ninja Warrior is going to leave its mark on the community.  San Antonio, lets gear up and celebrate this very exciting event!  Hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-biamila, along with co-host Kristine Leahy, will here for the filming.  Welcome American Ninja Warrior!!