Main Plaza Conservancy receives National Recognition for Movie Series, "Cycle-In Cinema".

Imagine an outdoor cinema without any cars, where audience members can ride their bike to the event and use them to power the movie projector. Currently we are the first in all of Texas to have successfully launched this project as of July 11, 2013 and we are continuing to program great film series that are tailored to our target audience. 

MPC's Cycle-In Cinema is one part of the bigger picture which aims to launch pedal power events and workshops at Main Plaza every year.  MPC's  Cycle-In Cinema mission is to inspire and empower a wider understanding and uptake of renewable energy technologies and create a movement towards San Antonio reducing their energy consumptive habits.  We will achieve this by engaging our audiences in how energy works in a fun and interesting way through this pedal powered movie series.

MPC's primary mission is to catalyze development and growth in downtown San Antonio, our efforts have a pervasive cultural impact to the city as a whole.  Rather than allocating its funds to reach the boundaries of a sprawling city; the majority of MPC's energy is directed to a small, urban sector of San Antonio. 

Through events such as Cycle-In Cinema, MPC encourages citizens from all over the city to congregate in a central location and, more importantly, advocates a healthy lifestyle for a statistically unhealthy municipality.  Whereas some programs alienate socio-economic and/or age demographics, Cycle-In Cinema delivers a family friendly experience that all people of all ages and classes may enjoy.  In addition, the project helps educate the use of sustainable energy in an age where non-reusable resources rule the day.  Therefore, through activities like Cycle- In Cinema, MPC is able to accomplish its goal of urban redevelopment by providing the City with a new and exciting program.

A project that has currently captured the audience of thousands and will continue to draw in local residents from all over San Antonio to gather as a community within our urban core, “the Heart of the City”, the peoples plaza.

Main Plaza Conservancy is proud to announce for the first time in all of TEXAS, SATX Pedal Power Cycle-In Cinema! Remember old fashion Drive-In’s? Well this is the same concept, only we invite YOU to Cycle-In and volunteer some of your pedal power to generate the power to the movie projector during the screening!  Every Thursday in the months of June, July and August, we invite you to ride your bikes to the plaza, cool down with a nice cold craft brew from Blue Star Ice House, Snow Cones, funnel cakes, corn in a cup, and the best hamburgers in all of downtown for purchase at El Oasis Café #2, and kick back for FREE  summer classic films. The featured film will begin right at dusk. We invite you to bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and snacks, but please leave all outside alcohol at home. There will be ice cold beverages for purchase onsite. 

Who: Main Plaza Conservancy and SATX Pedal Power

When: Every Thursday beginning June-August **weather permitting**

Where: Main Plaza—115 N. Main Avenue San Antonio, TX 78205

Time: Movie right at dusk ** around 8:45p

All events are free and open to the public.  Free weekend parking is available for Main Plaza visitors at one of two Frost Bank street-level parking lots.