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Xavier de Richemont, First Outdoor Video Art Projection in the United States

2014 San Antonians, South Texans, national and International visitors were captivated by an amazingvideo art installation by renowned French artist Xavier de Richemont. This extravaganza is shown on the magnificent façade of San Fernando Cathedral at Main Plaza, “The heart of the city”.  There are only four Colonial Plazas left in the United States, they are in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Main Plaza of San Antonio is the only one that remains with a Cathedral.

THE MAIN PLAZA CONSERVANCY with the generous support of public and private Institutions and individuals, is proud to feature the first outdoor video art work installation of Xavier de Richemont in the United States.

Xavier de Richemont, isa world renowned painter -  video artist. His current public installations can be seen in France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Mexico and Canada and  now in the United States in San Antonio.


•Video covesr more than 6,750 sqft of light, color and narrative projection.

•Video Art work projected on the majestic façade of San Fernando Cathedral at Main Plaza.

•24 minutes of video and customized State-of-the-Art surround sound.  

•Open to the public for the duration of ten years, 2014-2024.

•Historical content of San Antonio Settlers and its development.  A must see video art installation for residents, South Texans, national and international San Antonio visitors.

Main Plaza-- a destination

Main Plaza is the place to go, learn and enjoy a magnificentworld class event with historical content and fabulous state of the art HD projection andsurroundsound by renownedFrench artist Xavier de Richemont.

San Fernando Cathedral with its distinctive architecture and an extraordinary façade, is an open canvas for this amazing Video Art Work for the City’s urban core,  Main Plaza “The Heart of the City”.

24 minutes of an amazing video of light, color and sound.

A great enjoyable educational experience for our children as well as for the whole family, residents, South Texans, national and international visitors.

Reconnecting residents and visitors with our glorious past, this wonderful cultural attraction,  expands and increases the economic development of downtown San Antonio.

Xavier de RichemontBIO

Xavier de Richemont is a French Painter born in 1959 in Algeria. He livesand works in Paris (France).

He studied painting at the National School of Art in Aix-in-Provence (France)

Xavier de Richemont designs monumental video installations all around the world.  He just opened the “Gran Museo de Mundo Maya” (Merida, Mexico)  with a major work about the Mayan World. He has donemany Contemporary Video Art Works world wide and now, this new project in the United States.

He is now preparing a major intervention on the pyramids of Chichen Itza in 2013 in Yucatan, Mexico and for the archeological sites of Tulum and Xochicalco. His artwork also brings him on the boarders of the Caucasus Mountains where he is preparing an important installation for a new Azeri museum in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

He mixes abstraction and narration with music in a very personal way and impose a new manner of writing with this contemporary medium. 

His knowledge of the stageand his experience as a painter make him one of the video artists the most in demand in the World.

Education-1982 Diplom ENSBA (Ecole Nationale Superiore des Beaux-Arts d’ Aix-in-Provence) Section Painting with honors. 

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