Xavier de Richemont

French painter xavier de richemont was born in Algeria, france, and currently resides and works in Paris. He studied painting at the national fine arts school of aix-en-provence (france). For over 20 years, he has conceived monumental video installations around the world- images of which are shown along kiosks and fences in Main pLaza.

he created the first festival of lights in chartres, France in 2002, where he was the only artist and artistic director during ten years. In 2010, he was invited by the Mexican government to commemorate with his work on the bicentenary of Independence and the centenary of the Mexican revolution in seven emblematic cities in the country. later on, 2012 marked his work with the grand opening of the grand museum of maya world in merida yucatan, mexico with his founding piece “yuca’ma’yab” about the mayas history.

His talent into giving amazing content to his works, he lyrical graphic design and shivering movements, using slow motion and images vibrations as a leitmotiv, mixing abstraction, narration and music in a very personal way are composed and projected with his video. his research for a new style of painting through this contemporary graphical mean, his knowledge of theatrical space and his experience as a painter make him one of the most in-demand french video artist in the world.

For more information, please check out the artist’s website.